Hope is Kindled is an adult, casual kinship on the LotRO Dwarrowdelf server. Our members are generally 25+ year of age, although some exceptions are made (usually pending an interview).  There is no level requirement, nor a limit on how many alts you would have join.  We also do not exclude free-to-play individuals, but we hope that you would purchase a subscription if you enjoy the game to join us in later levels and instances.

Our play style being casual, we enjoy and encourage questing, exploring, chatting and running instances from the Great Barrows to the Tower of Orthanc and now on into Rohan.  We have cap level crafters of all trades and enjoy helping others with gear, quest assistance and advice. Hope is Kindled was founded by players who enjoy a rich history of LotRO experience and are happy to share what we’ve learned over the past 6 years with new players.  Despite not being classified as a raiding kin, we have extensive raiding experience and greatly enjoy this aspect of the game.

Finally, as an adult, casual kin, we stress that real-life issues come first.  There are NO mandatory raids, attendance requirements or contributions.  Many of us have families and children, full time jobs, etc.  What we aim to provide is a fun, casual, drama and stress free environment where you can log in, feel at home and have a good time whenever you play this wonderful game!